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Please enter a Username, Password and valid Email address to Register.


Why Members Only?
Jem Things & Stuff uses a “Members Only” policy further to previous visitor harassment, misuse of site facilities and hack attempts on the server.
Registration is FREE along with everything else available on the website. You will not be charged for ANYTHING at any time no matter where you go or what you download!
Asking visitors to register simply wheedles out the Jem-curious from the Jem-lovers (since, a little extra effort is required) and allows site usage to be monitored more easily.

The registration process works in 2 stages;

  • Stage 1 – You submit your Username, Password and valid Email address and automatically gain Level 1 clearance once the acknowledgement email lands in your inbox. This gives you basic roaming access of Jem Things & Stuff.
    Please ensure that you do register with a valid email address - with an inbox you can access regularly that wont generate a delivery failure error message at our side. We cannot give you Level 3 clearance without it!
  • Stage 2 – We review your registration and, providing there are no problems, we increase your clearance to Level 3. This gives you unlimited access to Jem Things & Stuff, meaning you can openly download all available goodies and actively contribute to the interactive areas, should you wish to do so.

The review process is normally very quick and during reasonable UK waking hours (6am – 11pm GMT), you will usually receive an email confirming your Level 3 clearance within a few hours.

99.9% of our members are awarded Level 3 clearance without any problems but given our past experience with a very small handful of antisocial and disrespectful visitors, please do not be alarmed if we contact you via email for a brief chat first – It is likely that you live in an area where problematic behaviour has originated in the past and we would just like to make sure that you are not a “Misfit” returning to harass us again under a false identity.

PLEASE NOTE – Antisocial or threatening behaviour, be it directed towards the site moderators, other members or our web server, will not be tolerated.
The WebMaster reserves the right to lower the clearance level of nuisance members at any time - Be nice and keep your Level 3 clearance, be naughty and have your clearance level reduced OR risk a complete and final site ban.

Our security system is in place to protect our members (your fellow Jem-fans) along with the hard work that we, and all who have contributed, have put into Jem Things & Stuff. There are many resources and goodies that are freely available on the site so we ask that you respect our efforts and each other while using them.


Bob @ Jem Things & Stuff