The Jem Community Newsfeed is maintained by members of the Jem community, for the Jem community.

Every WebMaster who is part of the syndicate can contribute to the Newsfeed and the Newsfeed in turn displays the news on all Jem websites who currently host Newsfeed boxes.

News is added via an online editor which only syndicated WebMasters have access passwords to.

We can all add information about site updates, important notices and developments in Jem-land, which is a useful thing since, we're all eagerly awaiting news of a potential Jem re-release. Only one WebMaster needs to add breaking news for it to feed into all the Jem-sites in the syndicate.
The Jem-sites below currently use the Jem Community Newsfeed:
The Newsfeed box is completely customisable. This is evident if you visit all the sites listed below. Each Webmaster has customised the Newsfeed box to make it fit in with the feel and look of their own site. Customisation is done through CSS which can change the style of font-family, font-size, font-color, background-color, border-style, border-color (if any), and overall size of the newsfeed box. If you're familiar with CSS you can have a field day.

Only a few lines of code are required to display the Newsfeed box on your web page. You do not need to be able to run any fancy scripts from your hosting server.
If you would like to contribute to the Newsfeed and host it on your own site please contact the hosting site ringleader for details about the code, how to insert it and customise it and finally, for your password to the Newsfeed editor.