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Marie: Great site! I love that you have all the mp3 downloads and clean box art. That makes me very happy. :)
Brian: Pre-order your Jem DVDs from Shout! Factory (link)[/url]
Sally: Great news; all 65 episodes of Jem are going to be available on DVD from October 11th (link)[/url]
Jacqui: Just wanted to say that this website is amazing. Thank you so much for bringing this nostalgic cartoon back to the masses who enjoyed it! :)
Andonuts: I recently got into this show. Saw it on the Hub one morning. It's OUTRAGEOUS. My little sisters think I'm crazy for watching it.
Maaike: Love this site. Jem was a favorite cartoon when I was a child. I'm almost 34 now, but still like the cartoon. YouTube is a great source for Jem episodes.
Ziva: The JemCon Mini-Websites look like a lot of fun!
adankree: Just wanted to share with you what I learned at Botcon 2011 this past weekend when I spoke with the director of TF:Prime, whose a fan by the way. He said that Hasbro is working on a new Jem show. He didn'telaborate but thats what he said.
Crystal: Shout Factory brings Jem to DVD in 2011, show your support for company!
Mariah : The CARTOON Jem and the Holograms is being played on the Hub set your DVR to record it !
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