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zinfadel: love this site! To this day i still quote from this show. Does anyone know where i can get a jem t-shirt. or any other 80's cartoon t-shirts.
Jacqui: Thank you for the level up Bob. :) Real life comes first, I complete understand the delay. Take care!
Bitzy: Amazing! Superb! Outstanding! this website has everything. well worth signing up. I am so happy that you have wworked so very hard to make all of this stuff available. there should be more people like you in the world.
kimbalee: I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! Thanks so much for your dedication!
Luca: Thanks to Bob for level-up...It's a fantastic site!!!!
NicZB: What about the Misfits's fashion art??
Vince: FANTASTIC SITE! so much effort has gone into your work. Great job!
Cal: People take vacation time to dude so chill.
Sally: Bob does lots of work for the Jem community. I know she is very busy running JemCon so you could ask there? She's very busy so try to be patient as she doesnt have much time for this personal website so much anymore.
Jacqui: Hm. I'm still on level 1 also, Luca. I signed up on the 9th as well. Maybe the webmaster is busy. We'll just have to wait, I guess! lol
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