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Jacqui: Hm. I'm still on level 1 also, Luca. I signed up on the 9th as well. Maybe the webmaster is busy. We'll just have to wait, I guess! lol
Luca: Why can't I download mp3?? I've done my registration Saturday!!!
Maria: Bob is my idol.
Maria: Thanks for the level-up! Your Hollywood Jem fashion art is fabulous (you inspire me to try digital art more). Keep up the great work!
Nicole: I may make my Jem site one day ;)
Nicole: hey =) thanks for the whole site and especially for the HTML guide! I had to study those things for school and you have explained them so nice =) thank you!
iNana: ^^ Hey Bob thanks so much for the help xoxo
leigh-anne: i love jem
Rioguy: the fact that you have all the cassette music on here is .. utterly amazing. thanks to those who contributed that. wow!!
Sabrina : I grew up with Jem as a child of the 80s and both the show and the dolls/toys represent some really great childhood memories for me. Long live Jem and the Holograms! Thanks for having this site, Bob. It's truly outrageous! :)
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