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Blue_Angel: I care too much!!>.< Thanks again for everything!!^^ Best regards, Jessica
Blue_Angel: Hi!^^ I like so much your site, it's so wonderful!Congratulation!!^_- I come from Italy, I love everything about Jem!It's one of my favourite cartoons!!^^ Please, do you know if I can find the whole complete serie on dvd in original language?
Sweetwoman: Will there be any Jem & the Holograms animation cartoon? Barbie is so popular what happen to Jem!
Sweetwoman: I've been a huge jem & the holgrams fan since i was 8 years of age. Bob i still thank you a lot for the stuff dear. I just came a cross with show movie kids channel & there are showing Barbie adimation cartoon.. I do watch it.
Jemdude Sweden: I have tried the phone themes and both worked great, but now I have a different phone (sciphone). Any chance of someone creating one for that too?? Also, any and all other music is welcome by me!! Anyone have any dolls for sale??
JemFan1Love: This site is so beautifly put together. More people need to know about it and support it as well as support Jem! I just got some great Jem dolls priced very low! The whole set is outrageous!!
Bob (WebMaster): Yes, this site is still active - I've just been away on holiday
Chris85: Thank you for the great site from Russian fan :-) Is site still alive? My account is still not verified :-((( But anyway Jem rules! I finally bought Rhino DVDs at ebay, so my dream came true. I hope French company will release Stingers episodes soon!
Ann: My Jem fever has resurfaced! I'm in a totally 80's cartoon fix right now. Just finished rewatching Macross and once I'm finished with my midterm, I'll start my Jem marathon. Unfortunately, I never got the 3rd dvd box set here. *sigh* Great site!
Travis: I was wondering if you may want song versions that appeared on the Dream Tour cassette? I have them in excellent quality! I didn't notice them here so I'd thought I'd offer. It's interesting hearing extended songs like "How You Play The Game".
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