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Travis: Just wanted to say how incredibly grateful I am to this website. I am so thrilled to have found it because never before have I ever heard the music from Jem in such amazing quality (and not to mention it's the entire series)!! Thank you! ^_^
Phaota: Thanks again for putting up the videos. Very helpful and fun to watch.
Phaota: Well, thanks to this great website, I finally finished my soundtrack to the series. 151 songs in all, each one cleaned and enhanced for the best quality. Being a massive 80s soundtrack collector, I couldn't pass up snagging the songs for this show.
Rapture: can't wait for the chat in less than two weeks. keep up the good site.
kshita: Hi Bob! long time no see this awesome page, but i?m here to say, this is the best page ever!!! I have a tshirt with the Jem's logo, it's truly outrageous! greetings from Argentina!!
Sally: Hi M, I got my account upgraded after a couple of days so be patient. Bob has been making a website service for JemCon so everybody can have their own websites. It looks nice and easy and I'm thinking about it myself. See (link)[/url]
M: I truly love Jem.. especially their music. Been looking for the songs and more for such a long time. How long does the upgrade to Levels 2 and 3 take? And yes, I agree with how Bob has created the most Fabulous Jem site/community ever! Thanks.....
Sally: I know Bob is extremely busy working on JemCon projects so be patient - she will raise levels as soon as she has a minute free
farrahrani: Cosmic Falcon, if you tell me the dimensions you need, and a link to the image you want, I can try to make you one
farrahrani: how do you get your level raised?
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