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cha: charm
invisiblescaper: Wow, there is a LOT of work put into this site. Without a doubt this is the most comprehensive Jem fansite I have ever visited.
stig ove: yo? I forgot my password could you please help me?
Juan: This is what Jem should be! TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!
animekohai: thanks for the help with the vids awhile back. love this site! keep it up!
Travis: Really fantastic site. Thanks for keeping Jem alive and truly outrageous!
Lucid: both versions of the song work fine for me - ctry again when the internet is less busy
kiwichick: The song depends on the mood I'm in in the kjem radio section on all the episodes plays for 3 seconds and then stops (same when you download the mp3 its 3 seconds long) all the other songs play and download fine. ?
Cosmic Falcon: Hi Bob, I was just wondering if you were planning on including a screen caps section from each of the episodes of the cartoon. I think it would round out this web site
i love jem!!!: i love jem
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