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rockonjem: jem she rocks
Rude-G: Hi Charla! I'm selling my MIB Shana doll on eBay right now, but i'm not sure if it's the version you are looking for because it's the Spanish packaging, so... Just in case take a look at my auctions by clicking on my name. Thanks and MUCH LOVE! ^__^
JemDude Sweden: Hi again all, Really addicted to this site. I myself have a need for anything that came with Stormer or Synergy. I was able to find them but they are nude. Any help would be appreicated!!!
charla05: I finally got the 2nd year release Kimber doll. Now, the only 1 I need is the 2nd year release Shana doll to complete my collection. Does anyone have 1 for sale, by chance?
shaneoftheroad: This takes me back. I'm a straight guy who digs Jem and I'm not ashamed. Me and my cousin Brittney worshipped Jem back in the day. It's cool to see a site completely dedicated to the series. Even the site screams 80's! I love it!
JemDude Sweden: I think this site is great! I am anxious to be level 3 to see ALL of the goodies!!
Lady Rose: i like to say nice site!! Everything I need Jem related its here!!
Rude-G: Thank you very much and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ^__^
Rude-G: Hi there! First, WONDERFUL site, really nice and USEFUL. Second, i'm currently selling my WHOLE MIB and MOC JEM collection on eBay. Excuse me if you feel my message is somehow unsolicited, as a collector myself i thought you may find it interesting!
inana: I dont know but the m4v videos I can watch them clearly in my ipod maybe people should try again, they also play well in my Itunes
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