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Perry: The m4v videos from this site work fine on my video iPod. and my sisters.
Arlaune: Also, I have bad news. In my experience, the Jem MP4 music videos do not work on ipod videos. I had recently purchased a new one, and the videos failed to work on either ipods (newest and 2nd newest ipod nanos) but they work on itunes so idk
Arlaune: ah thank you! and that's a bummer... I love the stingers
Lucid: osmondbear, you didnt get it right then. The playlist doesnt "appear". You get sent to a new page instead. Keep trying. Arlaune, the 3rd season episodes have never been officially released and the Rhino ones only go up to the Mardi Gras episode.
Arlaune: (cont., sorry!) the episodes, and the first set (supposed to be seasons 1 & 2) only go up to the end of season 1 in an episode list, while the season 3 box has a list of season 2's episodes! SO WHERE'S THE THRID SEASON?! am I just mistaken?
Arlaune: First of All, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! but anyway, I'm just curious about the 2004 released dvd sets, as I'm trying the get them off ebay (the seasons 1 and 2, and then the third) but in the item descriptions they have pictures of the box which details
osmondbear: i think I got the correct notes but the playlist still doesn't appear. *sigh*
Lucid: Its easy if you start on the star (and dont stray too far from it - thats what the hint means). Just listen to the demo or sing it in your head and keep trying the notes till they sound right. Write it down if it helps. I got it after a few tries.
osmondbear: I need help on "there's a melody playin'" keyboard section of this site. I don't know which keys to press and I don't get the clue on the right side of the page. please help me access it.
charla05: Hello! I was wondering if anyone has a 2nd year release Kimber doll NRFB and/or a 2nd year release Shana doll NRFB they'd be interested in selling? I've searched & searched for them on eBay!
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