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tim: renna, what jem stuff are u selling? im looking for mint in box jem fashions. Do u have any of them to sell?
Mighty_Snorlax: Try to see it on EBay.
Leonard: Hope you post lots of photos of your time at the convention
Renna: Anyone know where I can sell my Jem Collection????
osmondbear: the keyboard and kjem is hard to access. any help?
Bob (WebMaster): We are on holiday (going to JemCon) between Sunday 20th Sept and Saturday 3rd Oct - new registrations will only be approved when we get back!
osmondbear: I can't wait to get my application approved! This seems to be a really cool site and I really love Jem since I was a kid! I am sooooo excited!
Cosmic Falcon: Hey I'm just wondering where I can find personalised Jem icon files so I can change icon on my desktop. I've actually tried to make some of my own with freeware programs but I failed miserably.
Cosmic Falcon: I LOVE this web site. It's truly outrageous! I especially like the Jem Player that you can undock.
allison: bob, this site is so fantastic! thanks for your hard work and passion. i appreciate all that you're doing! have a great one.
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