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Margarita : I love all things Jem, this site is Truly Outrageous
maria anderson: THEY ARE MAKING A MOVIE (link)[/url]
GoGoAtomicRobot: This is an amazing fansite! love it! so much hard work has gone into creating such an amazing resource.
yago: hii, i miss my days in this greate site. Jem is gonna live foreveeer. (i'm a Jem's fan from argentina).
janmatey: This is an awesome sight, i loved this show! Thanks you for making this site!
Sean: Hi from NYC!
Lainkml: Hello :) i love this site and i love Jem :) must rewatch Jem again :)
Rio 2011: Just saw a few episodes on Netflix on my laptop. Does anyone know anymore about the "Live action Movie that was due for release ?
~x~: Page looks truly amazing. Great Work!
Derek: I can't believe with all the American Idol/ The Voice hype over the last few years, that this didn't make some kind of updated comeback.
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