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lizbiz: Please forgive me. I kept messing up while signing up. What a great site, I can't wait to view it all.
Click Clash: Jem so needs a Comeback <3 She was gonna haveone.. Rumored But... They didnt get the Rights to Jem we all know Hasbro has the rights anyway thats all ^_^ OUTRAGOUS!
Bob (WebMaster): kerryive - please register again using a valid email address.
Joe: I am soo Glad this site is around to spread the love of Jem!
Jun: God, I am very glad to see this site!
JODIE : love you
Bob (WebMaster): Hi all, I'm off on holiday for a week so I won't be around to clear new members until Monday 10th August. Thanks
KJC: Also, please watch my cool Jem music vid 2 a Lady GaGa song (link)[/url]
KJC: Please check out my outrageous mash up for the Misfits (link)[/url]
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