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KJC: Please check out my outrageous mash up for the Misfits (link)[/url]
click clash <3: i love the 80s style fashions of jem cant belive toie animations did the animation
clic clash <3: Love this Website and jems really Awsome
Bob (WebMaster): "summertallant" please register again using a valid email address
Bob (WebMaster): "-- JEM --" please register again using a valid email address.
Ludic: Drag and drop the pieces of paper together and you'll see it ;)
john: wut is the number for the acapella's??
Kristy: Hi Bob, Thank you very much I did not know that.. Unfortunately I already have most of it listed but if it doesn't sell, I will put them on there for sure.. Thanks so much..
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Kristy, Sorry to hear that - Are you a member of[/url]? You can list your items for free in their Auction Room[/url]. Might be worth a shot as it doesnt cost anything and you'll be aiming your sales at the prime target audience.
Kristy: Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know, that i'm having to sell my Jem collection, I have sealed dolls fashions etc.. I have them on ebay right now.. I just wanted to let everyone know, so that hopefully they will go to a good home! Thanks!
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