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UnicornAlora: Love this site and other Jem sites, and love all my fellow Jem fans! Long live JEM!!!
John: I hope there will be a JEM movie in the future!!
trulyoutrageous: Just wondering when the doll/fashion price guides will be updated?!
Julian: I am from Brazil and I have lots of brazilian versions to Jem music in portuguese. You can find some on youtube in my profile (link)[/url] . I can send you some mp3 if you are interested. Your site is the best.
Julian: Hey Bob, thanks, it wil help too, downloaded the font. But I'm trying to find the font in the logo JEM, I saw it in the logo... i ask for it in sites like whatthefont and abstractfonts and noone knows, guess that doesn't exist. :(
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Julian, It's one of the "Freestyle Script" fonts. There's a download link to it in the Q&As[/url] page (see last question)
Julian: I am trying to discover what the font in Jem logo. So tired of search. Any Help?
Tessa: This is such an awesome site, love coming here and checking out everything, still haven't seen everything!!
Comic Book Girl: best jem site ever !
alyssa: this website is so cool
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