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alyssa: this website is so cool
alyssa: i love jem she is so hot!!
alyssa: i love jem
animekohai: i don't know if I've said it yet but thank u so much for making this site!
Amanda: Hi! This page is great for a jem addict like me! Thanks so much for making this!
Lucid: De, see polly's post below
De: Love the site, Great Job, Just found this to. Huge Fan/Jem Girl! How do you get higher clearence?
polly : I wondered too but then i re-read the email i got sent confirming my initial level 1 registration and it tells you there. also look at the main registration page again cos it says there too. guess we should pay more attention in future ;)
Edward: how do you obtain a higher clearence? I love the website !!!!!!
Pinxtonia: hey.i'm new on here and i have to say this is the best site i've ever seen about's really bringing the best bit of childhood back to me, so many thanks!!!
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