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Ren318: This site is awesome. I'm learning things I didn't know. And here I thought i was an expert on the dolls. Great job
Bob (WebMaster): Yes. I dont understand the point of your message though - you registered at the end of April and got level 3 clearance so why ask if we're still running? Please can you clarify what prompted this question?
riotsdestiny: I registered a long time ago is this site still uh.. running?
Lucid: not sure what you mean - hover over the pink notes to play and right click them to download.
Jemboi09: I'm having trouble with the instrumentals and acappella's. I cant figure those out.
SynergyWave: I wonder what it would've been like if Jerrica was able to transform into Jem a la a Japanese magical girl
Bob (WebMaster): Yahoo users - there currently appears to be an issue with Yahoo mail that is affecting email traffic between us. The fault, however, is not at our side as other email provider emails are moving between us without a hitch. Please be aware of this when trying to contact us and where possible, use a different email account.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi, yes "The Jem Bible" will be a discussion of, and insight into, the original ideas/concepts that made Jem - they differ from the final characters so the contrast is quite interesting.
LJC: Casey: this site can't reproduce the actual bible with model sheets, for legal reasons. I think it must be something else? But if you want to know more about the writer's bible, you'll have to join the TrulyOutrageousJem mailing list.
Tiffany: I really love this site. It has everything Jem. I had a few Jem dolls as a child, but I don't know what happen to them. Thanks to EBay I have all of them. I have to say it again, I LOVE this site. I will vist as much as possible to see what's new!
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