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Tiffany: I really love this site. It has everything Jem. I had a few Jem dolls as a child, but I don't know what happen to them. Thanks to EBay I have all of them. I have to say it again, I LOVE this site. I will vist as much as possible to see what's new!
Casey: I love this website! I'm looking forward to "The Jem Bible" becoming active. I'm a professional illustrator, and love to make Jem art. I've been looking for some good character design/model sheets from the animated show to become available on the web
Black C: This site is cool, the best!!!
Bob (WebMaster): Drop in for a Live Chat on Friday 17th April: 10pm UK / 5pm Eastern US / 2pm Western US time. Check your local time here[/url]. Non-members are welcome and can log in as guests. See you there! (Login to the chat with the same details you use for the main site. if you have a space in your user name, login as a guest with a concatenated user name)
Bob (Webmaster): Sorry for the delay in signing new members - It's been a manic Easter /bank hol for me.
yazuminu: long time no see, helloo everyone, just hangin around o and looking for a t shirt of jem to buy so if anyone knows please tell me, pleaseeee
Angel: Wow~ This site is awesome. :'D I wish I knew about it sooner! <3
Bob (WebMaster): What video format does your player accept? Can you send me an example of a video that works so I can look at the codecs please.
animekohai: i added the videos to my player but they don't show up on the player's video section at all when it's turned on. any ideas? :(
Bob (WebMaster): A "standard" mp3 player is just a music player so it wont play videos unfortunately. If you are sure that your media player also plays video, the mp4/m4v video iPod format provided should play on them fine.
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