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RavenxWaves: hurry hurry and make me a level 3-er, i want those mp3s ! thanks you genius !
animekohai: how do i make the downloadable videos compatible with an mp3 player that's not an ipod?
ignasty1979: AWESOME SITE DUDE!!! Just found it today. I was looking for Jem songs and ur site has it all ^_^ keep this page totally outrageous!!!
Brittany: Bob, you ROCK. Period. :)
SynergyWave: I remember seeing a clip of the show years ago, and had no idea what was going on. 20ish years or so later, i did some research about that clip of yore, and fell in love with the series
otakugirl1979: Just found this site today, it's so great! have loved Jem since I was 5 years old and this website does her justice. TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS! (I had to say it!)
animekohai: hurray! i luv this site! if only I'd known about it sooner ;)
Bob (WebMaster): Hi all, Thanks for the continued support and such positive feedback. I had a busy weekend so I appologise for not being around to authorise new members. Stay outrageous!
jemluvsrio: I thought I was too cool for having a Glitter & Gold Jem in pristine condition in my mom's hutch! You my friend, Bob, have IT ALL!!! Soooo jealous! Thanks again for the beautiful site! My 6 year old & are are visiting daily!
Psylocke: Thanks for let me be member of's very very nice and full of beautiful things...At firts sorry for my english,i know it's very smart and easy!I was and i 'll be a fan of this cartoon and of all the beautifull songs!Bye and thanks again!
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