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jemluvsrio: Hey everyone! Love the site! I'm 31 & I was the BIGGEST Jem fan! So to me, this site rocks! It's wierd because none of my friends were into Jem growing up. I have now given all my Jem stuff to my 6 yr old & she loves it! Glad to be here!
Bob (WebMaster): It seems a lot of people had problems logging in lastnight - presumably an issue with the server. Whatever it was, the problem now appears to have been resolved.
lunarkitty: Jemboi, I usually have to login twice before I actually get logged in. Keep trying ! :)
Jemboi09: my password isnt working, please help me!!
Areddel: what a great page, never knew about it :P but now here I am ^^
Lucid: didn't you read the registration page or welcome email? its all there
Ryanne 187: Would be nice to know how to raise levels
yazuminu: ho , and if you cannot use them with your phone please let me know another popular brand and ill try to adapt them ok n_n. Please have fun
yazuminu: hi everyone bob made me the favor of upload 2 themes for the sony ericsson mobile 380 of jem and synergy I hope you try them and let me know what you think.
Hayney: Hi everyone, haven't been on the site for a while, but just to say... I still love it. This is the best Jem site ever, and just so I don't ever forget to go on again, It's going to be my homepage!
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