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Hayney: Hi everyone, haven't been on the site for a while, but just to say... I still love it. This is the best Jem site ever, and just so I don't ever forget to go on again, It's going to be my homepage!
Ajamew: Seriously, the ability to undock the Jem Player and surf anything on the web while listening to Jem radio is the most awesome thing ever. Such a great idea. ^__^ *rocks out*
Quel: Login to the chat with the same details you use for the main site. Spaces in user names can cause problems so if that's the case just login as a guest with a concatenated user name. Ps - the TagBoard isn't for problem solving so in future email Bob
snakeis: hey its me again,just wanna ask why cant I use the jem chat room? it says invalid every time I try to log in?
Yazuminu: aaww I wish I could go to a Jemcon but its to far away and I am a medicine student so its pretty dificult to me(snif snif)
Bob (WebMaster): Hope to see you around JemCon and I hope you like the site (I'm WebMaster there too :=)
stig ove: just here too say I've found JemCon on facebook and am a member of it now. later.
Motoki: I totally agree with Stig ove! Jem would be a great musical!!! Your website is absolutely great! Thank you so much!
stig ove: why don't you try too produce it yourself?, a broadway production?
Bob (WebMaster): An interesting thought indeed - Jem in live action - Yes, I'd pay to see that!
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