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stig ove: hey bob?!,wouldnt it be cool if jem and the holograms series became a musical once?
Bob (WebMaster): POLITE NOTICE. Due to past abuse of the site and facilities, anyone sharing passwords or pulling content for blocked members will have their access blocked too.
Bob (WebMaster): prrrincess - can you register again with a different email address - the one you used is generating errors for us. Thanks
YAZUMINU: ooww thank you very much I'll be more than happy to send you the themes as soon as possible.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Yazuminu - Yes, we could add them to the Jem-Up Your Life[/url] section. Send them to me on email and I'll get them uploaded. Thanks for your contribution
YAZUMINU: PS sorry for the bad english XD
YAZUMINU: or if BOB agrees maybe we could upload the themes here so everyone can download them n_n
YAZUMINU: hi there everyone I made 2 themes for the sony ericson w 300 of jem series one featuring jem and one more featuring synergy I would like to share them with all the jem and the holograms fans so if you want them please mail me
kshita: Hi! here I am again! Bob, your site is still the best of Jem! ^^ I really enjoy enter here =)
iNana: Hiii Bob how are you? I hope you are doing well I have been busy but I will try to enter to the chat when you announce the times :D take care
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