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Bob (WebMaster): Are you reading along with us Amanda?
Bob (WebMaster): yes - but as a guest, you dont need one - just pick any name
Kimber rules: is my password for the live chat the same logging in here?
Bob (WebMaster): Keep trying. The server is on a go slow at the mo
Kimber rules: as a guest? It didn't let me?
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Amanda - try logging in as a guest with a username that doesnt contain spaces.
Kimber rules: :( I can't log in the live chat??
Bob (WebMaster): buttacream & Incancymodo - The email addresses you used to register are invalid and generating errors at this side. Please register again using working emails.
Bob (WebMaster): Drop in for a Live Chat this Friday: 10pm UK / 5pm Eastern US / 2pm Western US time. Check your local time here[/url]. Non-members are welcome and can log in as guests. See you there!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Jane, Davide at 'Bella & Stravagante' has stripped the Jem background music already - there's a link to his work right at the bottom of our Jem Notables[/url] section. (ps - thanks for your positive feedback about the site)
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