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Jane: AMAZING SITE!!!! Simply incredible!! I was just wondering, would it be possible for you to make the background music featured in the jem series downloadable if you had the opportunity. I would be eternally grateful!! Awesome site once again!!
Bob WebMaster: Hi rhea - the Bible is under construction but due to work, college and JemCon commitments, I am unable to give a firm completion date.
rhea :): Hi Bob! Thanks for putting this fab site together! One question, is your Jem bible that is under construction going to be up soon? I'm really anxious to see the info you have! Have a great day!
Ryn: I would probably die with out this site....Metaphorically of course.
Nile: Hi Bob, just dropping in to say how great the site is looking. keep up the hard work
Quel: carrie, you don't have to say your location, your computer does that for you at any website you visit. its all logged in the background
jemrocks101: so i can't gain lvls at all? waa!
carrie: how do you know what area I live in? when I registered it never asked where I live?
BoJangles: This site rules! Spiteful people will attack you because they are jealous so dont let it get to you Bob :*
Bob (WebMaster): jemrocks101, As previously advised, we didnt say you personally abused the site - you live in a hotspot problem area where multiple memberships have been registered to attack us. we decided to block further access from that area to avoid continued abuse.
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