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jemrocks101: i don't understand y i was denied access to lvl 3 i luv jem and i have nvr abused the site i am so confused
Bob (WebMaster): jemrocks101 - Yes, you should check the spelling of your email addresses as I tried to email you at both and they fired back delivery failure errors. The accounts have now been deleted
Lucid: check you typed your email right. if you got it wrong it would also cause errors.
jemrocks101: if those e-mails r invalid, those r my e-mails so wat e-mail do i use now?
Quell: i don't understand your problem can you give more detail?
jess: i cant tune to download songs
Bob (WebMaster): If you register again, please ensure you use a valid email and make sure you read the info on the registration page as that will tell you everything you need to know about access levels and past problems with nuisance visitors. The information is there, its up to you to read it!
Bob (WebMaster): jemrocks101, You didnt get the welcome emails because you used invalid email addresses (twice!) so the delivery failures came straight back to us. We cant raise access levels against invalid emails as thats what the forgotten password generator uses to send replacements to you.
jemrocks101: how do i gain lvls? i never got any e-mail from da site. help me!
jess: Hello everyone
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