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FeeFi: Yes, the registration page says something about attacks on the website so it makes sense to be on guard. This is a great site
Quel: Carrie, We didnt say you personally abused the site - you live in a hotspot problem area where many memberships have been registered to attack us. we decided to block access from that area due to the problems caused.
carrie: for some reason I got an e mail saying I abused this web site and cannot access level 2 or 3...I just registered yesterday I don't know how I abused it!!
FeeFi: I got mine. did you use your real email address? you cant get level 3 if you dont register with your real email
carrie: I never got an e mail, I'm still waiting...
Lucid: its on your welcome email and registration page. didn't you read it?
carrie: how can you get to levels 2 and 3??
samira: Dearest Bob, How r u doing? Wishing You a Magical New Year. I've been really really busy but I haven't forgotten you & I still thank u again for the Jem stuff. Love the New Site & yes I'm playing the Jem Player. Love you Bob.
Antonio: i want all the music from jemmm
Antonio: hello its great know about jemm i love her, i saw in mexico this cartoon when i was 5-6 years and i love her
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