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Vic Spears: *AH! Vamos montar um super grUpo de Jem e as Hologramas tamb?! Quem se interessar, pliss escrevam aki! Brazilian Fans!*\o/*
Vic Spears: *Hello Jem-fans!* I'm ViC from Brazil, and I want to know, How do I get level 2?? ^__^* Thank You, and *Have a Great new YeAr!* *YeAH!
Jemboy: Happy New Year Bob! Sorry I have not been around, I will catch up soon, the site and Jemcon both look amazing! I have started my Jem Vs Barbie blog if you have time to take a look. (link)[/url]
stig ove: just want too say happy new year everybody!!
Ajamew: Thanks for all your work putting this site together- even 20 years after the show is done, few things thrill me as much as everything Jem! ^__^ You make my day every time I come here.
Bob (WebMaster): That's great news Azza - I'm so glad I could help you.
Azza: Have made up my Jem cds - thanks to your brilliance Bob! - so that all the songs are in chronological order as they appear in the series (took 2 1/2 cds). Have waited 22 years to have all the Jem songs - AM A VERY HAPPY LIL DUDE!!! Happy new year!!!
Bob (WebMaster): Merry Xmas everyone and all the best for the New Year!
Azza: OMG!!! This is the best Jem website I have ever layed my eyes on!! Downloaded all the Jem songs, and cannot wait to make up my own Jem cds!! Jem has been such a massive influence on me!! Merry Xmas Bob and all Jem fans!! AZZA
Amjara: Merry Christmas Bob! Hope you have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!
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