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stig ove: is it done yet? I wanna see?
Annie: OMG! i mean i'm only 10 but i have every jem song dowloaded! shes taking over my life! :D
taranga: I loooove this site:)my computer has been takin over by the misfits, it's wonderful
Quel: The Jem Bible was a 'workbook' of original concept ideas that Christy Marx put togther when she created Jem.
stig ove: just wanna ask, what`s with the jem bible thing here?
stig ove: hey ya all its me again (my real name is stig ove from norway. long time no see?)
gilesmic: OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this website. My sisters and I use to watch Jem when we were little and I still love it. I have the DVDs but I always wanted like a Jem CD or something, so I'm SO thrilled that you can download the songs here. Thanks so much!
demetermcw: It's a bummer they never came out w/ swimwear.
Lucid: There are in the Character Bios section :)
80smusic (Steve: Are there any pictures of Video Vivien Montgomery on this site? Thanks
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