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Carmel: Steve, You should contact Bob the webmaster if you want help. She's very helpful
Nile: generate a new password via the 'Forgot?' link and follow the instructions in the email you get sent.
Steve: Thanks, now how do I change my password?
Lucid: click 'Subscribe' to join the mailing list or 'Register' to become a member with level 3 clearance. Its all free and no spam. You will be so pleased you did cos this site is ace! :)
Steve: How do we subscribe to what?
Kimber Rules: Hi i'm new. I love Jem. Kimber is my fav.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Trilly, Yes there are Jem comics floating about (UK and German print but I'm not sure about any others) They're quite rare so you're lucky if you can get hold of one.
jaime: Oh My Gosh!! This site is sooo awesome....Thanks for all the great work you've put into it !! I'm off to go Jem-out :-)
Lucid: Ella, Read the automated email that was sent to you after you registered and be patient :)
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