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Nile: Are you a newbie? Youre seeing the message that says you need Level 2/3 clearance to view that particular section cos newbies only get Level 1 clearance until Bob has authorised their membership request.
Ella: What a great site. But i am having a problem seeing everything. I login but every time i try to go somewhere it tells me to log in this normal.
Wichmann: Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I think I should be making some websites for other classic shows myself...
Beth: The upgraded site looks Outrageous. Out of all the characters, Kimber and Stormer are my favorites.
Bob (WebMaster): Marisa26 - Please refer to the email I sent you about forgotten passwords instead of registering additional memberships and contact me if you need further advice.
Will: Hope everyone had a great Halloween
Element: I'm so surprised that I found this website, I've been watching all the old Jem eps on YouTube, this site is great!
Jademaliburoad: Love the Jem player, thanks Bob!!
Tabitha: Happy Halloween!
Maria: It is halloween and I have my dog in the cutest pumpkin costume!
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