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Bob (WebMaster): Why not stop by in the Live Jem Chat this Friday for spooky talks about Halloween and to swop local ghost stories! Details are here[/url].
Sgt.Pickles: This is such a cool site! ^^ Big support for Jem, even though she was out before my time, I still love her! I admit I love the Misfits too. ^^
Jem's Space: You're website is always on top of the game! The LIVE JEM Chat is so incredible! Thank you again and again for all your contributions to the JEM community Bob! You're truly appreciated!
Jemgirl: Loving the Live Chat! I've just spent hours on it today and had a ball. Okay must get loads of work done tomorrow to make up my time. It was worth it though, so much fun catching up with those I met at Jemcon and other fans and especially Bob! :)
Jo?: Hi, i'm a french fan of Jem since my childhood and i do hope jem will be back on TV or a Jem Movie.
Enygma312: What can I say? I LOVE this site. I'm like a giddy kid all over again. Ah, the memories. Why can't cartoons be like this now?
Bob (WebMaster): Hi all, If you're online this Wednesday evening, why not drop by for Live Jem Chat with other Jem fans. Details are here[/url].
Nile: You're in for a treat!
Enygma312: Hello everyone! Love the site...can't wait to see what goodies are here!
hello: hello
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