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Bob (WebMaster): I'm back and fully recovered now. Thanks to everyone who sent me get well messages and emails - they were very much appreciated ;=
DrThinker: I hope Bob gets well soon
Quel: webmaster Bob is sick at the moment so there will be delays in replying to emails and clearing new members to level 3. please bear with us and be patient.
Jay: Hey there, we miss you guys so much, we had the best time EVER...HEEVE!!!! HEEVE!!!!
forgethead: Hi Devastator I dont know what your casting The Stingers for but I say OK! ( p.s what are you casting The Stingers for?)
Bob (WebMaster): Hello cheeky! I had a fabulous time with you and J too. We felt so sad this morning having breakfast on our own. You will have to come and visit us in the UK soon. Been sorting through our pics and vids from JemCon - there are loads to share :)
Will: Well i have to tell you i had the most OUTRAGEOUS time with you. Miss you and can't wait to see you again. p.s. went for my passport today :)
Bob (WebMaster): Hi everyone. I am in LA for JemCon, currently sat with Sean, Shevona & Joz (who has kindly let me use her laptop) in my hotel room. I will try to sign up new members today so please be patient. Thanks
pietro: je ne comprend pas les niveaux differents lol
pietro: salut quelqu'un peut m'aider a comprendre ce site?
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