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Lucid: ps - U r mistaken. The pages dont change levels. if they say theyre level 1 B4 u register, thats what they always r. Same for level 2/3 pages. It also says on the registration page how it all works so read the info there.
Lucid: The basics r level 1, freebies r level 2/3. Each page says what level is needed. New members get level 1 after registration & Bob increases levels normally in a few hours except shes in LA this week for JemCon so ull have 2 wait til she gets back
Emerald_Mara85: OKay...before I register most of the stuff says you need to be at least level 1 to get the freebies, after I registered it says I need to be level 3? What gives?! And could somebody please tell how can a member raise their levels? Its not on the site
KJC: Any word on Jem on TV?
britdaw: Have a great trip, Bob! :D
Bob (WebMaster): We're travelling to LA tonight in preparation for JemCon so we won't be around for a week or so. We're back on the 1st Oct so we'll answer emails then. To those who are also going to JemCon, we'll see you there!
jemfanforever: this site is awsome love it :)
Maureen: This site is awesome.
mistytigris: this website is truly truly truly outrageous!!!
Lucid: Never seen any. Only for girls.
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