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stig ove: yo, I was just wondering, do you find boys t-shirts of jem anywhere on the internet???
Bob (WebMaster): An interesting spin on Jem revival ideas by robinkom is developing in the "Kool Trash Journal[/url]". Drop by and join the thread! Thanks to everyone else who has posted on this board too - have a fab Halloween Sara (send us some pics!)
Paige: Your Jem site is INCREDIBLE!! It is by far the best Jem fan site on the internet. Kudos to you and keep up the good work! TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!
Sara: Thank you so much for this site! I love Jem! I am so excitied because I am dressing up like her for the third time in my life this Halloween! Thank you for this site!
Laura: I love Jem!
Marcisimo: HI! I'm so excited to join
Nile: This site is the best! I cant believe you have so much fab stuff for free. Thanx too for your help on my new website. I emailed you a present :)
stig ove: hi,I`m a member of facebook and guess what?,there was a fan-club and stuff but its nothing like this page.
Aiiro Mercury: "i hope you enjoy jem when it is reaired from september" of course!!!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Aiiro Mercury, Thank you for your compliments. I hope you enjoy Jem when it is re-aired from September :)
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