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Aiiro Mercury: hi i'm an italian fan and i like more jem!!! she is fantastic and i love aja!! compliments to the webmaster for this truly outrageous site!!!! in italy now on sky restart the series!!! i'm looking forward!!! hi!!!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi, I've downloaded the songs from episodes 33-35 without a hitch on 2 computers this morning. Can you email me with the exact problem as I need more detail.
kshita: Bob, I have some problems when I try to download the "Listen Up"....the chapters 33 to 35 send me error, or something like that =/ pleaaase help!
stig ove: cool media player you got here keep up the good work.
stig ove: I still can`t believe that such a good cartoon series wont have a season 4! why?!
Turtle2007: Bob, love the site. Great work & keep it coming. Can't wait to see your Smashin' Fashions!
Daniel: Thank you so much Bob without most of the images on your website (especially the box art) was unable to finish the dvd covers I've done for the episodes in Spanish
iNana: I love your fanarts they look like if they were real!!! I love the new fashions
Daniel: Thanks a lot Bob
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Daniel, It's one of the "Freestyle Script" fonts. There's a download link to it in the Q&As[/url] page (see last question)
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