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Mr Pacheco: Re: Hollywood Jem Art. WOW. Thats all I can say! I keep on going back to look at them again! They are amazing!
MisfitRoxy: I <3 the new artwork! Thank you for bringing the memories of Jem back to life. :)
Lucid: WOW! Your Jem art is AMAZING! I cant believe how good it is. I love it!
collector Toy D: Hi friends of Jem, I'd love to hear your thoughts on all things Jem, We have many of the HTF dolls and outfits, give us a look.
Di: I would have liked to see Jem & Rio get married.
Bob (WebMaster): More of the Misfits' history - an "Out of The Past" for Roxy and Stormer in particular
Devastator2008: Okay folks, if the series had continued past its 65 episodes, what characters, fashions and storylines would you have liked to see covered?
Di: Hi Bob, my user ID for ebay is moomintroll88[/url].
Bob (WebMaster): OK Di - Let us know your eBay ID so we can keep an eye out. I am personally interesting in buying dolls from a UK source :)
Di: Great Site! I just wanted to let all the Jem fans know that I am selling all my Jem & the Hologram Dolls on Ebay. They have been stored in my attic for the past 20 years and now I would like someone else to enjoy them. Check them out!
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