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Ju: Hi Beverley, this site is very pink! Bet you thought i'd never visit!!
Lucid: Theres a website that uses loads of your stuff but they dont cite you in their links. Thats just rude
Devastator2008: Now, we cast the Stingers! Anyone?!?
Bob (WebMaster): Should be fine now.
DrThinker: I can't undock it!
Bob (WebMaster): What's the problem?
DrThinker: We have problems with the Jem Player on the home page.
kshita: Hello again! This site is great! Best wishes! =D :*
Bob (WebMaster): I see Kate Bosworth as Jerrica too. Don't worry about singing (I'd go for the actress) Digital enhancements make anyone sound better. Bringing Hilary Duff to mind KJC, I think she's a good Clash.
britdaw: WOW, Mike! That cast would ROCK but I doubt it would ever happen... :) Me, myself, I'd love to see Kate Bosworth as Jem. She has that girl-next-door look, but who knows if she can sing or not...
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