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britdaw: WOW, Mike! That cast would ROCK but I doubt it would ever happen... :) Me, myself, I'd love to see Kate Bosworth as Jem. She has that girl-next-door look, but who knows if she can sing or not...
Lucid: From what I can see those art card teasers are great! Can't wait for Hollywood Jem Art!
Devastator2008: Joanna "JoJo" Levesque as Kimber? Interesting!
MikeM: I think Christina Aguilera as Jem/Jerrica - Christina Milian as Raya - Kelly Rowland as Shana - Lindsay Lohan or JoJo as Kimber - Kelly Hu as Aja - Gwen Stefani as Pizzazz - Fergie as Roxy - Taryn Manning as Stormer - Kate Beckinsale as Jetta
Devastator2008: Me, I say that Laura Vandervoort should play Jem/Jerrica.
Dr. Thinker: Nice Jem Player, Bob.
KJC: I say Hilary Duff as Jem/Jerrica. :)
DiDi Holiday: I absolutely ADORE this site! This boy has been a Jem girl since 1986, and I have always felt a special connection to the deep characters and the messages that each of them present. They don't make 'em like this anymore!
Bob (WebMaster): Ooh, let me think. I would cast Kristin Kreuk[/url] as Aja, Hayden Panettiere[/url] as Kimber and Meagan Good[/url] as Shana. Not sure about Jem/Jerrica though.
Devastator2008: Yo! If there was a Jem movie being made (live action, mind you), who would play each of the Holograms?
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