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Bob (WebMaster): eBay is best for all Jem stuff (Dolls=common. Comics/ catalogues=rare) Special mp3 ringtones are in the JemWap[/url] page but converting to decent midis requires costly software and/or composition from scratch and unfortunatly I am no musician. Sorry :(
Samira: HI Bob, Bob where can I get Jem comic books & catalogs? & the Dolls. Pls also try to add the songs as a ringtone. Music is Magic Samira
Jemfanatic00: I'm so happy to have found a site dedicated to my favorite show of the 80's. Thank you!!
sailormoon: hi! I open a new mail account in yahoo! finally I can visit this truly outrageous site!
Devastator2008: Sweet Site! The content in this joint is tight! Aiiight!!!
Bethany: Thank you so much Bob! I am enjoying your site. It's absolutely fabulous! ;)
Bob (WebMaster): Your wish is granted... ;)
Bethany: I love this site so far! Looking forward for the other clearance levels! SQUEE!
Katie_Holmes: Beautiful Site! Very Good! I Love Jem!
Quel: Hi Doctorweb, Bob needs to review new member requests. She'll email you with level 3 clearance confirmation :)
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