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Doctorweb: Complimenti! Compliments! Beautiful site! but i don't understand how i can go to the 2 and 3 level!Thanks!
JemBurg: Thanks Bob. I'll look into that.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi JemBurg, Unfortunately I'm no phone expert. I'd check the manual/manufacturers website to see if the phone can use mp3s as tones (lots of new ones can). The JemWap[/url] mp3s have high/low frequencies removed so as not to damage phone speakers.
JemBurg: Hi. This is a great site. I have a question about the ringtones. Can I upload a song on a Juke phone? I already have it on my phone as a mp3? Can't figure out how to get it as a tone.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Princess, You're all right to some degree. Both dolls and 2nd Yr box art Kimber have dark pink hair but on the 1st Yr box art and board game art she has red hair! Cartoon Kimber has a very ambiguous shade of red-pink hair that changes depending on your TV ;)
Princess: BOB, my friends and I are dressing up as Jem & the Holograms for Halloween. We seem to disagree on some small things...Kimber's hair for instance, I say it was a dark pink colour, but some say red. What's your opinion?
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Samira, Yes any of the mp3 songs here can be uploaded to your phone and used as a ringtone (if your phone supports them) You can also browse JemWap[/url] from your phone and download the special phone-formatted songs there to it directly.
Samira: Dearest Bob, Hope u r doing great. I still thank u so very much for all the Jem & The Holograms stuff & of course the Rockin Roadster. Bob I was thinking is it possible u could add Jem & The Holograms songs on the phone? Love Sam
KJC: I was thinking... too bad Disney doesn't own the rights to Jem, they'd be milking her! Cds, DVDs, dolls, books, who knows what else!
Jetta: I like to use Jem ringtones. However, mp3's take up lots of space on my phone (and it won't set ringtones from the memory card). I would love to see midi's available for download. I also favour midi's since they sound more like ringtones.
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