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Destiny: Thanks you! I love being able to have the songs on my mp3 player
April: I asked my dealer, and they said the Integrity Toys Jem & The Holograms dolls would be shipping Dec. 15.
Cosmic Falcon: Get the complete 3 seasons of Jem on DVD from Shout Factory. I have access to all the screen caps I need for my digital fan art
animekohai: I actually have a job now! Already started saving up for Jemcon 2013!!!
Enygma312: Shocked and giddy that Jem can me streamed on Netflix!!!! Outrageous!!!!!
jeminfrance: bonjour! je suis francaise et j'adore jem! contente d'avoir trouv� ce site tr�s beau et tr�s complet, merci de m'accueillir!!
pipeo: So glad I've found this site! I've just introduced my daughter to the wonderful world of Jem!
Selphina: So excited this shrine site exists. All of the songs are addictive and I want to listen to this all. <3 Youtube won't host most of them, so hip hip hurrah for Jem Things and Stuff. Outrageous!
Rio 2011: Got to say the sight rocks, Just got my dose of K-JEM! I'`ll be making my 1st Cd soon . Who Knows, might just download a few tracks to my i-pod. Stay outrageous.
JemGirl1972: I like the new Jem doll I just wish she was smiling and she would look more like the Jem in the series. I think they tried to glam her up with her high cheekbones. I cant believe Jem fans are still here and still had core. I cant wait for JemCon!
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