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shopcrz: britdaw, u can get dolls on ebay also dvds there too. (post edited by WebMaster - we do not condone bootleg DVD sales!)
Quel: vamp-thief, once you reveal the playlists you right-click on the music notes. There are more detailed download instructions in the Q&As[/url] page but if you need further technical help, contact Bob[/url].
britdaw: Imagine my 5-year-old daughter renewing my love of all things JEM. :) She's obsessed and I've rediscovered it! Now I just need to find her some DVDs and dolls!
vamp-thief: can someone please help me figure out how to download the music so i can use it on my ipod?
TnT: Thanks for the great updates - I always look forward to visiting!
Bob (WebMaster): We're great here - thanks for asking and thanks for everyone elses continued support!
so-gokso: hi how are things?
Katie: Downloads all OK in the UK! Might u have exeeded ur own ISP's monthly bandwidth/fair use allocation? :?
MATTY: Dont ask us to bootleg for you dude. It goes against the webmasters trust and Im not risking my membership.
Ian: I love your site! Keep up the GREAT work!
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