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Lucid: All songs here download fine.
Tim Griffith: Want to know if anybody else having problem getting songs download as complete song as all get is about 4-5 seconds. Is there anyone you has full versions to help me finish collection onto cd. Got bunch from Betheny Jem site plus got half of Stinger
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Ciwi93, I fixed it! :)
Ciwi93: Hi! Bob! I've got some problems when downloading the "Midsummer Night's Madness" 3gp-file at the Jem-Up Your Life tag. The file just doesn't exist! Anyway, thanks for the best site ever! Love from Sweden <3
KJC: Here's an idea Bob, you could add Regine and Astral to "Friends of the Holograms" under bios.
KJC: Does the contest end tomorrow? (Monday)
Bob (WebMaster): To new members - If you spot any broken download links, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks
Bob (WebMaster): Thanks again for your excellent wallpapers Jason - I hope you can find time to create more (supply and demand, eh!?) :=
PunkKimber: The new wallpapers by Jason are outrageous!
crystal_jade 76: JASON ROCKS!
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