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crystal_jade 76: Hey, Jason! Your art is the best! More please! You rock!
jcatspawn: i love Love LOVE this site!
jcatspawn: i freak'n love this site!!!!
Crystal Lamb: The best Jem site ever! By way far!
sweetbee2: So cool! I found the tape! Never thought I'd 'see' these Jem tapes again!! Thanks SOOOO much!!
sweetbee2: well now, don't I feel silly! :P
Obsidia: Oh no Now I've got Hollywood Jem stuck in my head lol! Great site!
one1touch: awesome site! jem totally rawks! :D
Bob (WebMaster): Competition to design the new Jem Community News logo. Winning entry will be displayed on 8 Jem sites. more info[/url]. Be seen and get your art noticed!
Bob (WebMaster): Yes, its called "Love's Not Easy" := Check out the 2nd edition Kimber tape in
"Let The Music Play[/url]"
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