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sweetbee2: Hi! I remember a song that started "Love's not easy.." on one of my Jem tapes, but I don't think that's the title of it, and therefore can't figure out which song it is. Anyone know??
The Batosi: Alright, I also have another site lined up. And thanks a bunch!
Randi: Love the site! I've been looking for Jem songs for so long, and now, thanks to this site, I finally have the theme as my ringtone. Hooray!
Bob (WebMaster): Hey Batosi, Great banner! I will use it in one of my pages when I next update. I don't sell Jem DVDs myself but Amazon[/url] is probably your best bet.
The Batosi: I also made you a banner! Cheers on the site, I really love it. (link)[/url]
The Batosi: Hey Bobbo, just wondering if you know a trusted site to purchase all 3 complete seasons of the Jem DVD. I plan to purchase them for my sister and I and I'm just wondering if you sell or know a trusted seller to get them from. Thanks in advance!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Milady, Yes I'll be adding Jem promo tapes and playset tapes soon :)
Milady: FAB website and I LOVE the 'Let the Music Play' section - will you be able to add the Jem promo tape (free with Jemstar points)? I used to love mine (sadly long gone!) Thanks!
Bob (WebMaster): No problem Shevona, I was happy to help :)
shevonabmx: Hi Bob, Thanks for all the help with the news feed! Your site looks amazing as always! I just wanted to say hi! Thanks for the bump to 5 stars in the pic section! TTYL
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