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Imo: It's fab your doing up the bible :D :D GREAT site!!
Cin77: I hope Hasbro do release the rest of the Jem series on DVD, I've hooked my 8 year old daughter into Jem, but I want her to see Jetta on screen and I want her to see Kimber and Stormer working together too!! Go Hasbro!!
iNana: wow I am glad for the news. I hope Jem can be released again on dvd. I have been waiting so long ^^ thanks for the link.
KJC: Oops! I forgot the link. Thanks Bob!
Bob (WebMaster): Many of us have been following the developments of Hasbro's reaquisition of worldwide distribution rights to classic shows (Jem included - YEY!) on the JemCon[/url] forums. Here's a direct link to the article on "[/url]".
KJC: Jem episode rights come to an END! reaquired.(corrected by WebMaster - see post above) We will see them on DVD again, and maybe get the rest of those instrumentals & acapellas. Well one step @ a time.
Quel: Jerrica, For technical queries, please contact Bob via the Contact Form[/url] and give as much detail as possible.
Jerrica: yah i want more episodes
Jerrica: hello, why can't i see the pics?
inana: wow i loveeeee ur website i love the colors :p
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