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kookychick252: I love your site!!! Your Jem party was AWESOME!! cheers! I really enjoyed the site!
MazaNajle: INCREIBLE!!! alfin una muy buena web de Jem, felicidades :D
loli: Congrats for this amazing site! I still have Kimber doll at home! Thanx from Spain for your work!
kshita: hello!!....:D this site rules!!! \m/, Jem keep on rockin'!!!!
Paul : Love the new video section, it made me remember those times too. Great memories!
Lucid: What is there to give up on? This site is great!
stig ove: hey I thot I told you guys I gave up on this page?! I have got what I needed from this page so good bye.
SPIDEY: crackers
turtle boy: zalutatios to one and all dudes.
Bob (WebMaster): I bet that was fun Pizzazz PhD. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in your class. I wonder if any new Jem fans came from it. Do you have any lesson notes for that day?
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