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PizzazzPhD: Hey, Bob! I teach a college course on TV production. We were discussing cartoons and potential live-action adaptations. I brought them here to hear Jem music, learn about the cartoon, and more! It was great! Many thanks!
Bob (WebMaster): Thanks guys. I'm busy working on a project with a fellow Jem webmaster so I've not had time for many updates here recently. All will be revealed soon. PizzazzPhD - Students?! Cool! What do you teach?
Heart Beat Rock: Hi, just wanted to say that this site is absolutely fantastic. Keep up the good work.
PizzazzPhD: Bob you are the best! Thank you for the remastered songs, and thank you for having this as a resource for my students!
Star_Light: Thanks a lot Bob !
Bob (WebMaster): The font is "Freestyle Script" - There's a link to it from the Questions & Answers[/url] page (last question)
Star_Light: Could you tell me the name of the font used for all the titles ? (Jem font)
Bob (WebMaster): Hi J - The iPod video for Midsummer Night's Madness is fixed now.
stig ove: this is my messasge on this site thanks bob for givin me contact with the girl (you know who I mean) I look forword 2 some news if you have some keep me post? ok? from stig ove.
J: Wow, thanks so much for the iPod videos! I've downloaded them all except for Midsummer Night's Madness. Any chance you could check the link? It doesn't work for me. Amazing site, thanks for keeping Jem alive!
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