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Jetta: Thx 4 this site! Jem was my favourite show when I was a kid! The songs (especially Misfits) r relevant today. Had a bad experience at previous job and now working for competitor. To my old company: We're takin' it all!
jem: check my channel out guys on youtube[/url]. im holding a competition, i hope you all have sumthing to help make my comeback a big one, i love things all jem
jem: hi guys check out my channel im jem im holding a competiotion for best remix on my site go see luv jem xxx 2008
kshita: hello there!!! :D how are you people???!!!
Jason B: Hey B, I just wanted to say your site is always inviting, and I truly enjoy surfing the pages. Hope the First Misfits Commerical is coming along well. Keep up the great work you're doing on the site. It's the best.
so-gokso: hey again?
Bob (WebMaster): You need to login (the KTJ is Level 3 - you do have access)
stig ove: I`m not mad or anything just confused. I can`t seem 2 get 2 that part?!
stig ove: ok what`s this? I can`t get in 2 the journal. I did what you said. what`s going on?
Bob (WebMaster): You can click on each other's names to email privately := (only works if you put your email in the
"email or http://" field when you posted)
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