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Bob (WebMaster): Hey stig ove & kdunga, I've moved your recent posts to the "Kool Trash Journal[/url]" where you can chat more easily. General chit chat takes up too much space on the tagboard - it should only be used for feedback, brief comments & announcements. Thanks
stig ove: look bob? I know its been 20years since jem was on tv but think about it? a sesson 4 would maybe do alot for the jem fans and the jem girls out there huh?
kshita: hehe := that's right :) thank you Bob! ;)
Quel: Patience... Bob needs a few hours to review new members. Youll get Level 3 soon. The Registration page has more info. X
kshita: how can i get more levels? pleaseeee i wanna be in level 3!! TT3TT)
stig ove: the living daylights - jerrica reminds me of the blonde girl in that bond movie!
Bob (WebMaster): Moved some posts to the
"Kool Trash Journal[/url]" for general discussion :)
stig ove: oh right. just wondering. I new that.
Bob (WebMaster): "Out Of The Past" (episode 51) shows how Rio and Jerrica 1st met. Rio moved in next door and did mechanics for her dad. In the "First Love" song video they kiss for the 1st time at the drive-in :*
stig ove: How about an episode of Jem where we see how Jerrica and Rio got their first date?
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